December 10, 2023

The Confession Part 2


 "That's it, swing those hips and show me that ass!"

With those words, Lady Diva was fully enjoying the sight of one of Her gurls pole dancing to a hypnotic beat, as if cat calling in a strip club,

"Yeah baby, bend over a bit and tease a little.." She chuckled as my first pole dancing lesson in 5 inch heels progressed.

Lady Diva had fully transformed me head to toe as Her own working gurl and She was having fun with the results. My relationship with my Mistress was taking on elements of mentoring through this wonderful world of Sisterhood, and as She knew all too well, one of the the most powerful Feminine traits was the power of seduction.


"You're getting pretty good at this, slut, I think you're enjoying this!"

"Absolutely Mistress", I smiled.

"Well it's a bit of a shame you aren't into men, as with a few more lessons, I could have dolled you up and entered you in an amateur night contest at the local strip club. Maybe instead I can have you dance for my girlfriends one night, or I can take you out to a drag bar and you can show your stuff there to all the other gurls.."

Still grinding and dancing to the music as Lady Diva mused out loud the thoughts of stripping on a stage in front of a room full of Women and Shemales provided a strong visual that broke a huge smile across my face.

"Oh, you like that Devina? I think we can make that happen, but you'd have to be careful as you might find yourself in the gurl's bathroom with a real cock in your mouth!" Mistress laughed out loud, "then again you'd probably enjoy that wouldn't you?"


With those words, as I continued to strut around the stripper pole in Mistress' dungeon, I knew the door was now wide open to confess to Her about the 'other' part of my life, the part that Devina was now in control over. Up to now all my Shemale cocksucking exploits were partitioned away from Devina's submissive life, kept in secret. Now hearing Lady Diva open the door for me to walk through proudly as a real cocksucker, Devina's inner voice screamed out, "JUST TELL HER!!!"

With the confessions of those same exploits to Mistress Suzanna fresh in mind, I smiled and replied, " Indeed I would Mistress, but it wouldn't be the first time..." my eyes closed and I smiled, swaying my hips to the music.

"OHHHHH, REALLY?!?!" Mistress replied, partially surprised, partially enthused. She walked over to me as I still pole danced, came up from behind and put Her hand into my panties as I swayed and whispered into my ear,

"And tell me, slut, did you like it?"

"I love it Mistress" I purred in response


And with that revelation, countless images of all the Shemale cock that had passed over my lips flooded into the body and soul of Devina as she danced like a slut for her Mistress, and Devina embraced this moment of truth.

"So, slut, how many cocks have you been sucking?"

And with that door now wide open, I proceeded to reveal how I've loved Shemale cock for many years now, all of this as Mistress still had Her hand in my panties, caressing my she-clit as if She was administering truth serum. It was such a liberating feeling, telling Lady Diva the truth, and whereas once I felt scared and ashamed of revealing the truth, now I was confiding in someone who I knew I could always trust with my deepest secrets, and who would protect them and encourage me to grow even more. Lady Diva seemed so happy and fulfilled to discover that Her work had been progressing far beyond what She was aware.

"You have been a naughty gurl Devina, but that's ok. I know that men have no place in your world, but it makes me happy that you have found another avenue for cock. This opens up so much more for us both!"

I could hear the pride and satisfaction in Her voice as she said those words quietly to me in my ear, and with that, my pole dancing lesson was over. It was time for Devina to do what she did best..


Mistress soon enough had be in position to receive a good slut fucking, as I was treated to Her thick 8 inch strapon, and all the while as She fucked my sissy brains out, She was musing out loud at all the entertainment I was going to provide to Her, Her girlfriends, and all the cock I was going to suck for their combined amusement.

As Her strapon pounded me over and over, I was absolutely thrilled and couldn't imagine being in a better place. Admitting my deepest secrets to Dominant Women was the best thing Devina could have ever done for herself...

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December 9, 2023

The Longest Road: Being Both Lesbian and Transsexual


Wanted to share an article I found on a topic near and dear to my heart. I've taken the liberty to italicize elements of this article that resonate with me:

Posted by:  Bridgette P. LaVictoire on October 11, 2008.

I’ve been attracted to women for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I had a huge crush on Anne Wilson of Heart. Growing up, my fantasies always centered around Women, and around the ways in which Women are together. I was a tomboy who played with action figures and  watched many of the same shows that the boys did, but I always focused  in on the Female characters, and lamented the lack of Female Transformers. 

I was Princess Leia when we played Star Wars. I was ten in  1984, and for me, that was the beginning of the depression. That was  the beginning of the self loathing, the self hatred, and self harm which  only got worse over time. At the age of ten, I knew two things about myself. The first is, I  was Female. The second was that I was and am romantically and eventually sexually attracted to Women. The one glaring massive problem for me was  my body. I had been born male. I was born with all the right equipment to be a man, and I hated it. I loathed my own body.

At the age of eleven an event occurred which pushed back the desire and need to be Female. I was molested. The majority of the memories of  that event have been purged from my memory and only a handful of them  have emerged, but the wounds of that event hurt me enough that the girl I was hid. After all, there was safety behind that mask. I started to  grow away from my friends, especially as they began to feel that I  wasn’t normal like them. Outwardly, I became, well, I became a gay male.  I never said that, and never dated anyone, but I let everyone assume.

 Compounding my problems, I grew up in a time when most people who  transitioned were, basically, gay men who wanted to be Women to be with  men. It was not until 1999 that I learned differently, about a decade after I first learned the words lesbian and transsexual.


In 1997, I met someone who was openly lesbian. By that point, I had developed an almost fractured persona. To the world I was a gay male, but inside I was really a lesbian woman. I fell in love, and what happened next is something which was more of a horrible train wreck. I lost my friendship with Her. I retreated again into hiding, but by then, the internet had been born.

 After I started online chatting, I began to realize that the person online was the real me, and that the person I presented to the world was  someone else. In that world, Bridgette was born, and had her first  relationship. That the relationship was a manipulation of someone who  ended up hurting me badly didn’t matter.

In 1999, I was in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. I was an internal wreck, and struggling to understand everything. All I knew was that the Woman I  needed to be could only be found online. I neglected my studies, and  focused on what was keeping me sane. I began the process of coming out  to my family. First to my grandmother, who passed away this last  November, and then to my sister. Both were supportive. My sister had  long ago figured it out. Then to my parents. It took a while for the idea to finally sink in to everyone else that I could be both a lesbian and a transsexual. It is still a frightening  place to be, though. 


There are a lot of prejudices out there which I must always confront from both outside the LGBTI community and from within. Perhaps ironically, nine years to the week after I first came out to  my parents, I started HRT. I have a wonderful and supportive family, and  feel incredibly lucky. As odd as it may sound, every time I tell my  story, I feel like I am coming out yet again..

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