May 17, 2024

From a Woman's Point of View


 There are several different feelings that can arise from a Women's perspective regarding sissification. Most open minded Women are accepting of it. After all, you know what they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". 

Many liberal Women appreciate the fact that men admire Women so much, that they feel the need to dress like them. Many Women find male crossdressing very flattering and endearing. When men are dressed like Women, they tend to act more Feminine in their movements and gestures. Women tend to think it as cute. Of course, it seems to be, the Women who do think it as sweet and endearing, are also Women who are very confident and secure within themselves. They know who they are, and what type of Women they are on the inside. These confident Women sometimes take on the role as "mentor" to these budding sissies. They help, and guide them, giving them advice on how to be Feminine. Some of these confident Women find it easy to become dominant with their sissy. Meanwhile the sissy, loves having a mentor and getting tips and advice from these Dominant Women. They slip into their role as being "submissive" quite easily.


Sissies and "Territory"

Other issues that can arise from a Woman's perspective regarding male cross-dressing, is territorial issues. Some Women are actually insulted by these men wanting to dress like Women. These Women, who have these issues, are usually not as confident and secure with who they are, as the other Women who have no problems with it. One reason why these Women find it so insulting is because they feel that they are being reduced to just clothes, makeup and physical characteristics of Womanhood. When these males dress like Women and put makeup on they automatically feel more Feminine. These Women know there is so much more to being a Woman than clothes and makeup. (Well everybody knows this) But, for some reason these Women who are insulted feel that these males think that fashion and appearance are everything. We all know this isn't true. It seems these Women who are insulted by this, have self esteem issues.


Sissies and Female Confidence

Women who are confident and secure are usually accepting and welcoming to sissies. These Women, as mentioned sometimes take on the dominant role to these submissive sissies. The Women don't entirely understand the "whys" of this. Neither do the sissies. But, they like a Women to take charge of them and guide them down their journey of Feminization. They even willingly refer to themselves as being sissy. They refer to these Dominant Women as their Mistress. They give up all control over their body, mind and soul to a Mistress. This can be very sexually charging and erotic to the self proclaimed sissy, to leave their fate in the hands of their Mistress. They get their sado-masochistic desires fulfilled. It's almost as if they get off on it, being humiliated by their Mistress. In fact, they do get off on it. It can also be very exciting to the Mistress as well.

Who is this Mistress? 

The Mistress is a confident Woman who takes the dominant role, essentially making a sissy or sissies act as their slave. Mistresses usually have high self esteem, are dominant by nature, confident and secure within themselves. The sissy looks up to their Mistress. Idolizes their Mistress, only wishing that they could be half the Woman their Mistress is. Not all cross dressers even like to take on a submissive role. Some simply just love Women's clothing. They just want to dress like a Woman. They do not want to be humiliated or even told what to do. Sometimes, they just like to have a friend. They want a Girlfriend they can chat and gossip with, just like most Women. So, some Women take on the role of just being a friend.


Sissies, Submission, and Domination

A typical slave will usually do house work for their Mistress or run errands. However there can be so much more to it. There is a popular term Mistresses and sissies like to use, it is called "sissy training". Mistresses understand that they are on a pedestal; they are placed above the submissive sissy. The sissy knows they are beneath their Mistress, giving up all self- control they had to their Mistress. The mistress will "train" Her sissy. Sometimes, males don't want to admit, they want to be a Woman, or look like one. Even though, they know deep inside their longing to be a Woman, they like their mistress to essentially "force" them into wearing Women's clothing and make-up. It can also be very intense and sexual for the Mistress and the sissy involved. Usually when the relationship escalates, the Mistress will then act as the dominant in the relationship. She may use dildos or strap-ons on the sissy. She may force the sissy to be Feminized otherwise known as forced Feminization. She will sometimes force the sissy to find others to be sexual with.


Being a Mistress, mentor or friend to these sissies can be very empowering for Women. Since you are essentially placed on a pedestal, your confidence level can sky rocket. It can help you realize your sense of Femininity. Most Women are very busy. They are busy taking care of families, working full time jobs, volunteering, therefore, they don't always have time, to try and get all dolled up to look their best. Being in the dominant position with one of these sissies who worship you, can give your sense of Feminization back. Make you realize you should slow down, embrace your Womanhood. Concentrate on making yourself look and feel like the fabulous Woman you are! 

Any woman who is ever approached by a cross dresser or sissy should be friendly and understanding. There is absolutely no reason to be insulted by them. In fact they are probably a little jealous of you, wishing they could be like you. In fact, you should try to build a friendship with them. You may even find yourself slipping into that dominant role. This in turn, will be beneficial to your self esteem and confidence. Even if you have always had high self esteem, being friends with a sissy will only improve your outlook towards Feminization.

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